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Jun 01 2011

miss arrington.

I cannot belive that I am leaving for the Delta so soon!  Time has really been going by so fast. I was happy to find out that I passed my Special Education Praxis Exam. The scores were online earlier than I thought they would be. I should have checked sooner I also have found out that my tentative placement is FIRST GRADE at my school! I am so excited to devote myself to closing the acheivement gap and to my students. I am also so thankful for this opporuntity and for all those who have helped me get to where I am today. It is so exciting that there are around twenty 2011 CM’s at the same school and almost ten second years as well. I just cannot wait to meet everyone and make connections. I am still working on my pre-institute assignments and also my pre-induction assignments. Induction starts Tuesday…

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May 24 2011


There are exactly two weeks from today until Delta Induction. I am not packed and ready to go but I will be. I was planning to drive down with my mom on the 5th but now I am considering flying in on the 7th. Decisions, Decisions. I will decide by this weekend. I have a bunch…

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Apr 22 2011


I have an exciting and quick update on my Teach For America assignment. As you know, I have been placed in the Mississippi Delta region and am very excited. I have started my countdown and it will already be May next week, so Induction is almost here! The Placement process for placing all corps members in…

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Mar 14 2011


Today I have been watching many of the various videos on I am so excited beyond measure. I am inspired. I am anticipating instructing MY students in MY classroom. These students will be depending on me. I have faith and know I can be successful. I have consistently been feeling as though I have…

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Mar 11 2011


The achievement gap that is apparent in the United States is the reason why Teach For America was founded and the exact reason why I applied. I have truly been blessed and know my students will need me to help guide them through their educational journey. So many students have an enormous amount of potential…

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Mar 11 2011


I have been looking forward to the summer of 2011 recently since November 9, 2010. I was walking to class, on a Tuesday, when I found out I was accepted into Teach For America. I couldn’t wait until I got to class so that I could log onto my computer to find out what region,…

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