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Mar 11 2011


I have been looking forward to the summer of 2011 recently since November 9, 2010. I was walking to class, on a Tuesday, when I found out I was accepted into Teach For America. I couldn’t wait until I got to class so that I could log onto my computer to find out what region, grade, and subject. Now I only have eighty-five days until I leave for the Mississippi Delta to participate in my regional induction. I am anxious, eager, excited, and nervous rolled into one. I have been placed in the Mississippi Delta region to teach Elementary Education. I can teach K-6 and after April 30th2011, I will also possibly teach Special Education. I took three PRAXIS exams in January and now will be taking one more so that I can be certified to teach in multiple areas. I know Special Education is not exactly a content area but I will be learning a diverse set of skills to help ALL of my students succeed and progress in the least-restictive educational environment. I have not been placed in the exact school in which I will be teaching yet so I am also looking forward to that as well. I hope to be a Special Educator. I have been making so many different lists and updating different checklists each day. I have a list for teaching books I want to purchase and read, ideas for my classroom, moving checklists, and will probably develop some more. Please check back here for more updates before, during, and after my two-year committment. I cannot wait until the first day I get to meet my scholars <3

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