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Mar 11 2011


The achievement gap that is apparent in the United States is the reason why Teach For America was founded and the exact reason why I applied. I have truly been blessed and know my students will need me to help guide them through their educational journey. So many students have an enormous amount of potential that is never realized because of the perpetuating cycle of the achievement gap. Socio-economic status should not determine their educational achievement or the trajectory of their lives. I will be teaching for the students who have yet to realize their potential. I will be teaching for students I know can become invested in the learning process with the right instruction. I am eager to be teaching elementary school and to be grabbing these children at a young age and letting them know they can achieve what they believe in. The values I believe in led me to apply to Teach For America and are the source of my passion for becoming an education reformer. I passionately believe in the cause and have committed for the children and not for what I could get out of the experience. I will continuously be planning and preparing to be the best teacher I can be because I know my scholars will be depending on me each and every day to help them progress in the classroom. I envision the next two years as the most challenging, amazing, inspiring, and humbling time in my life. I will be setting BIG goals, investing in my students, planning purposefully, executing effectively, working relentlessly, and continuosly increasing my effectiveness all for my students. I cannot wait until Institute in June as I will be around all of the other corps members who are committed to the same exact cause as I am. 85 days people <3

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  1. Kalvin Hopkins-Bah

    I know you will make a great teacher and your students are going to adore you. You have the passion for teaching and the heart of a leader. I’m proud of you in every way. Keep up the hard work and I will continue to follow you and your blog.

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