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Mar 14 2011


Today I have been watching many of the various videos on I am so excited beyond measure. I am inspired. I am anticipating instructing MY students in MY classroom. These students will be depending on me. I have faith and know I can be successful. I have consistently been feeling as though I have so much to brainstorm, so much to plan, to organize, to construct, and I absolutely love it. I am always adding to my list of books to read about teaching and noting different classroom techniques and advice. My responsibility and role as a teacher who leads students to achieve significant academic gains is almost upon me. In 82 days, I will head almost eighteen hours down to Delta State University and it is just beginning to sink in. Completing my Pre-Institute work is so informative and of course preparing me for what is to come. I like reflecting. Summer 2011 for me will be all about the professional development of Miss Arrington.

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  1. Kalvin Hopkins-Bah

    The drive might be long but you’re going to feel great once you get there. Knowing that you’re going to have your own classroom and students might seem overwhelming for someone your age but I know you are more than capable of taking control and leading your students to success and new beginnings.

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