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Apr 22 2011


I have an exciting and quick update on my Teach For America assignment. As you know, I have been placed in the Mississippi Delta region and am very excited. I have started my countdown and it will already be May next week, so Induction is almost here! The Placement process for placing all corps members in the specific school in which they will be hired and teaching in is now well underway. Thank you Matty B and everyone on the placement team! I had my first interview yesterday and I think it went well. I know this community has the tremendous need and I hope that I get to impact the lives these students. This school in particular was taken over by the state three years ago for low performance and Teach For America teachers have been with the school for over a year now. I am proud of the Delta corps members have paved the way for more us to come and live up to the precedent they have set. The leadership team I interviewed with is trying to turn the school around in a multitude of ways. They are looking for new teachers with certain competencies and I am hoping I conveyed my skills and abilities well. There are about 1100 students at the school who all have difficulties with literacy. I am hoping to start an after-school club focused on reading and elementary literacy. I believe my passion will allow me to take the initiative to make sure my students and I deliver excellent results in the classroom. I know teaching is going to be extremely challenging but I also know that the obstacles I will encounter along the way to helping my students reach their greatest potential will push me even harder every day to put all that I have into the work that I am doing. I am definitely ready to go above and beyond the traditional role of a teacher as I do not take the opportunity I have lightly and my time and energy is ready to be devoted to the future scholars I will meet at my placement school! The school I interviewed with is located in a high-poverty industrial community where many children come from single-parent families. Many of the parents are not highly-involved with the school because of the long hours they work to keep their family afloat. I plan to keep communication open and frequent with the parents at whichever school I am placed. I have been reading so many teaching books and have taken note of many techniques and ideas for my classroom and the way I will manage my students while leading them to success. I was also told there is no YMCA in the town but there is a Wal-Mart :) I cannot wait to enjoy small-town living. I hope to get the position and show how much I care for and will respect my students while constantly holding them to high expectations. But until then I am looking forward to Induction and road tripping down to the Delta. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. elsa

    congrats on getting placed!!! that’s great!!!

  2. biancajanelle

    I am still waiting to hear back about the interview actually. In the mean time I’m studying for my SPED exam this Saturday !

  3. akeeba

    good luck with your placement! what types of things do they ask you in the interview? your idea for the after school club sounds great!

    • biancajanelle

      Thankyouuu! They ask a bunch of questions like preferences for grade level, whether I would want to teach special Ed, what I would do to motivate my students, how I would communicate with my parents, what I would do with defiant students, and I had to give examples of certain competencies they are looking for in their teachers. Then I got to ask all the questions I had and they asked me a few more too. I like how to start off they all introduced themselves to me and told me about the community, the school, and their goals for students. I interviewed with a panel.

  4. Sampson

    Well said Bianca . Wish u the beet of luck and success out there

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