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May 24 2011


There are exactly two weeks from today until Delta Induction. I am not packed and ready to go but I will be. I was planning to drive down with my mom on the 5th but now I am considering flying in on the 7th. Decisions, Decisions. I will decide by this weekend. I have a bunch of updates since the last time I posted. I studied hard for my special education Praxis exam and I find out the score on May 30th so less than a week for that update. I have been steadily completing my pre-institute coursework but have not yet finished. I really enjoyed both of my classroom observations and hope to keep in touch with the teachers I shadowed and the classrooms I visited. I observed a special education inclusion classroom, special education self contained classroom, and a second grade classroom. I loved my experiences in all three. I completed my observations at elementary schools in my hometown. The process for observing was not too complicated. I contacted the schools and the principal and then I came in to meet them and get a tour of the school before returing for my observations. I felt very welcomed and special to be invited to come into the schools that I had chosen. I asked the teachers a bunch of questions and all were eager to answer me and give me even more insight into their careers as a teacher. The teacher of the second grade classroom is actually from Alabama and knew much information about the Mississippi Delta region. I cant wait to experience the Delta on my own. I also have a huge update on my placement! I was invited to join the staff at the school I interviewed with not too long ago! I celebrated when I received the news. I have not gotten the specifics on my classroom placement or signed my contracts yet but I hope to do so at Induction. I am not sure how that process is going to work with my district. I am so excited to be able to contribute to this huge turn around effort. I am more than ready to put my all into the work that I am doing. I will be teaching to lead my group of students to success with support all along the way. I have so many plans for my students and my classroom but I don’t even know what I will be teaching yet. I also went and shadowed some current Washington, D.C. metropolitan area corps members at their Professional Saturday. I missed the Professional Saturday in April so I was happy to have the opportunity to attend this month. I attended a session on literacy and now have even more information and told to use with my very own students. The current corps members and Teach For America staff I met were so inspiring and I cant wait to reflect back on my first year just like they were doing. The session was actually taught by a Delta region Teach For America alumni who is now the Vice Principal at KIPP DC. I hope to keep in touch with everyone I met this past Saturday and I hope to be just as skilled and knowledgeable as they are this time next year. I am already passionate and now I just need the experience. I am still counting down until my first day in the classroom with my students. I know I must get my scholars invested in their learning process from day one and I believe I can do this. In the mean time I will keep completing all of the numerous tasks on my TO-DO list, reading as much as I can, while also packing my life away before I head down. Two more weeks.

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