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Jun 01 2011

miss arrington.

I cannot belive that I am leaving for the Delta so soon!  Time has really been going by so fast. I was happy to find out that I passed my Special Education Praxis Exam. The scores were online earlier than I thought they would be. I should have checked sooner :) I also have found out that my tentative placement is FIRST GRADE at my school! I am so excited to devote myself to closing the acheivement gap and to my students. I am also so thankful for this opporuntity and for all those who have helped me get to where I am today. It is so exciting that there are around twenty 2011 CM’s at the same school and almost ten second years as well. I just cannot wait to meet everyone and make connections. I am still working on my pre-institute assignments and also my pre-induction assignments. Induction starts Tuesday so I have less than a week. I have been reading lots of other posts about CM’s who have started traveling to induction or who have already started induction and I cannot help but get even more excited. Tomorrow is my last day in my current position and I have truly enjoyed working here as well. All I have been focusing on is shopping and packing and making sure I have everything I need for success. I have been saying my goodbyes to so many of my family and friends but of course it is only for now and I will be keeping in touch. Everything is coming together and I am loving it.

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